Krishna photography

We (Krishna Photography) think that no moment can be relived, no minute can be relived, save for the finest in class photography that can capture those flawless moments of your life and allow you to relive and enjoy them as if they happened yesterday.

At Krishna photography, we use the intricacies of a variety of photography and story-telling approaches to beautifully etch your wedding story.

We make sure that the special moments in your life are captured in the greatest possible way so that you can remember them forever. We ensure that your wedding tale is told in the best possible way with the magnificent art of story telling that prevails via the best blend of technology and creativity.

A wedding is more than a one-hour or one-day celebration. It's THE MOST SPECIAL MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE, one that you'll remember and treasure for the rest of your life. So make sure you get it done at a location like Krishna Photography, where quality is not compromised!!"